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Mergers and Acquisitions

In recent years we have seen a lot of business mergers and acquisitions taking place, particularly in China. This is partly due to the fast economic growth in China, and partly due to the encouragement from the Chinese authorities. However, looking for the right business partner is a difficult exercise, especially to the foreign investors.

D.Y. Lee & Co., in association with other members both within and outside China, have been able to address the need by forming a synergy alliance on a cross border basis to provide a kind of “matching” services to the investors on both ends. We have the advantages of a wide business network, good expertise in various disciplines, wide geographical diversification and good understanding of our clients.

We understand the needs of our Clients, based on which we shall identify the appropriate target entity. We will also help participate in the negotiation process, carry out due diligence assessment and manage the entire process.

Business operations on the days after will go through a lengthy period of integration and adjustments, and the success rate will depend on whether both parties in the transaction are well prepared for such a change. Good and tactful preparation and handling are required to smooth out any frustrating sentiments. In this respect, we also offer our services to cover post-merger integration when required.

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