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Tax Planning

Taxation plays an important part in the whole business operation. We believe that good tax planning will enable an enterprise or an individual to achieve tax efficiency while at the same time to conduct their businesses safe from the hassles of being haunted by the tax authorities. We provide tax consultancy and planning services for both individuals and corporations.

Tax Reporting

We provide services in annual filing of the returns and the required schedules on behalf of our Clients to the tax authorities in a timely manner. We also liaise with the tax authorities on behalf of our Clients to solve any tax issues.

Tax Investigation and Tax Field Audit 

We act as representatives on our Client’s behalf in tax investigations or tax field audits conducted by the tax authorities. We shall follow through the whole process of collecting the information, advising our Clients the proper strategy to be taken, preparing the required schedules and negotiating with the tax authorities to arrive at an optimal solution on behalf of our Clients.